Social Media Advertising

Running  a business today is difficult, especially when it comes to advertising.  Let’s face it:  phone books are no longer helpful, and while “word of mouth” remains every business best means of advertising, it still may be hard to get the return on any investment you make with your advertising budget.

It has become clear to me that having an online presence for your business is critical.  However, a website, while a necessity, it not enough because you cannot rely on search engines to always point customers to you.

A few years ago, a friend and colleague, Ann Shaw, asked me to do a series of videos for her highlighting the laws of Maryland.  We began posting these videos on Facebook and other social media platforms.  We had no idea that the result would be so spectacular.  Ann has had people show up at her office declaring: “I’ve seen your video, and I’d like to hire you…”  She has been invited to speak about legal advertising in Denver, with a focus on multimedia videos for social media.

Through this process, we have perfected a means for businesses to advertise your goods and services, as we provide professional video productions, recordings, narration, etc.

Note that for a fraction of what you paid phone book companies for advertising in the past, you can have a well-laid advertising plan for social media, and we are excited to help and guide you through this process.

Contact us today for a free consultation, and feel free to see some of our videos we have done for our company as well as other clients, below.